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Latest: Agenda-Driven Statutory Discriminations Are “Prisoner-Like” Segregations Silcrow

The Start Of The American Gulag?

The Gulag is recognized as a major instrument of political repression in the former Soviet Union. It was the government agency in charge of the network of forced labor camps.

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Dear President Biden:

A Marxist “Equity-Based” Justice Fundamentally Subverts Our Constitution.

In the case of an “LGBTQ+” (but in actuality only driven to “maximize federal reimbursements” using children) Massachusetts, our Constitutional civil rights and explicit federal antidiscrimination statutes always come secondary to any inherently contradictory and incoherent (but lucrative) “feminist equities.”

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To solve Russell's Paradox (carelessly
introduced by The White House by
allowing the enumeration of purposely
non-inclusive LGBTQ+ alphabet soup of
“specially protect from others” groups
without ever mentioning the always
inherently present “leftovers”), the
above deliberately deceitful “equity
for all” must be corrected to a mere
“equity for some,” in contradiction
with our U.S. Constitution.

U.S. Supreme Court:

"It's on purpose! The laws are unclear for a reason. Because everybody is a criminal. So anybody can be arrested at any moment ..." -- The Gulag: What we know now and why it matters.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts aims to “double protect” some citizens at the expense of revoking all protections from others, including Constitutional rights. Does “double protecting” some waive Constitutional protections for all?

The “Sec. 8. Affirmatively Advancing
Civil Rights … to prevent and address
discrimination and advance equity for
all” clause of the 2/16/2023 Executive
Order results in the “equity for rich
or equity for poor mother?” dilemma as
“equity for all” is impossible by the
Marxist design. Is the mandate to 
selectively “advance equity” (for only
a select few) Constitutional?

U.S. Court of Appeals:

Can the U.S. Congress avoid overriding a state’s immunity when presented with such Civil RICO claims that specifically imply deliberate violations of civil rights?

Has a state self-abrogated its sovereign immunity by deliberately sabotaging continued attempts to appeal rulings?

Does sovereign immunity apply to an
“LGBTQ+” Massachusetts when using
federal funds to subsidize forceful
separation and activist agenda-driven
alienation of our innocent American
children from their American parents?

U.S. District Court:

Could a sadistic zoo keeper use massive federal assistance to endlessly poke and torture their bleeding caged animals until their openly public collapse?

Yet Father, who was used to the communist “weaponized psychology,” never turned violent, avoided succumbing to depression, never became sick, and most importantly, never gave up hope despite his deliberately induced full indigency.

Father meticulously documented already
in 2017: “While MSPCC was destroyed
with our cases, [Ms. G.] provided
emotional insights into the secretive
'supervised visitation meetings' by
'man-hating feminists': no men were
allowed at the meetings, the agenda was
strictly exclusionary, nobody escaped
supervision, and the protocols were
designed to maximize humiliation 'like
you would imagine in a Nazi meeting.’”