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Dear President Biden

The mere presence of “men who cannot get pregnant” on the
Family Court’s dockets provides the State with legislated
profiteering opportunities from open-ended federal

As Mailed

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy.

A Desperate Plea For Interstate Political Asylum: The Start Of The American Gulag?

The “nuclear threat” to the U.S. Constitution comes from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. In their “State Constitutional Law Declares Its Independence: Double Protecting Rights During a Time of Federal Constitutional Upheaval,” the Court is loudly “double-protecting” a numerically negligible minority as a legal strategy in the lucrative context of legislated “maximized federal reimbursements” from a silenced and also enslaved majority, through the deliberate violations of all federal protections.

Therefore, as Massachusetts now openly asserts that “men can get pregnant,” and I am certainly not a man who could ever get pregnant, I cease to exist as a man worthy of any protection in Massachusetts.