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EEOC Notice Of Appeal Pursuant To Presidential Order Creating A Marxist “American Gulag”

Due to now substantiated systemic and
sustained violations of my civil rights
by a ruthlessly conspiring state, it
has become impossible for me to secure
ANY employment (the number of submitted 
compliant job applications that I have 
submitted is 1,680+ so far).

As Emailed

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy.

Notice Of Appeal Pursuant To Presidential Order Creating A Marxist “American Gulag”

Pursuant to President Biden’s 2/16/2023 “Executive Order on Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through The Federal Government,” I respectfully appeal the EEOC’s above decision. The executive order instructs, “Sec. 8. Affirmatively Advancing Civil Rights. Agencies shall comprehensively use their respective civil rights authorities and offices to prevent and address discrimination and advance equity for all.” I can now prove to the U.S. Supreme Court that a self-referencing (or recursive) “equity for all” leads to a famous and fundamental paradox inherent in all the Marxist (and Communist) “specially protect from others” divisive social engineering ideologies.

To solve “Russell’s Paradox” (carelessly introduced by The White House by allowing the enumeration of the purposely non-inclusive LGBTQ+ alphabet soup of “specially protect from others” groups without ever mentioning the always inherently present “leftovers”), the “equity for all” must be corrected to a mere “equity for some” in direct contradiction with our Constitution. As “we can infer anything from a contradiction,” the Presidential Contradiction must be solved less our entire “rule of law” is invalidated.

Until then, federal agencies must consider the inherent consequences of any “progressive” Marxist (and Communist) “equity-based” (but merely zero-sum) justice, especially the fact that the naive enumeration of all “protected classes” leads to the implied creation of a new “American Gulag” for all the “leftover” Americans that cannot ever be “specially protected from others” and are therefore eternally silenced and enslaved. I am a proper representative “forced employee” of such federal American Gulag “employer,” as I work every day under the direct threat of detention without any compensation or simple protection.