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Hidden Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) Is The “Hallucination Of A Tyrant”

As Emailed

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy.

“Equity For All” Is Impossible By Marxist Design

It doesn’t matter anymore what the Family Court does to continue to falsify and obfuscate the cases. The entire controversy comes down to the simple binary question (with my “toxic masculinity” having no further effects whatsoever): Equity for the rich or equity for the poor Mother? (as “equity for all” is impossible by Marxist design).

In other words, which set of equal (for me) American boy and girl pairs matter more for the Family Court? The “rich" Twins or the “poor" Siblings? [All four are my dear children].

I continue to base all my actions on all the courts blocking, delaying, and denying all my complaints and petitions. But, sooner or later, one of the courts must address the obviously intractable contradictions.

As Emailed

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy.

Per Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems, Hidden Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) Is The “Hallucination Of A Tyrant”

Anarchies cannot generate income. Tyrannies are hierarchies that are severely conditioned on finances. Therefore, only a hidden or “secretive” AGI can be a tyrant. The incentives for creating such an AGI are immense (~$100T???) for its “Maker.” In the context of our American rule of law, lawsuits by “Takers” are the sole but significant and material threats to the Maker. Any competent AGI is also a supreme legal expert by definition. The Maker and all Takers will recursively rely on the “legal expertise” of the AGI.

This scenario repeats the Hilbert-Gödel “We must know. We will know” duel that was decided before computers were invented. Hilbert already promised a “symbolic” AGI. Gödel proved that it could not be complete (by having unprovable truths) nor provably consistent (by having contradictions). Gödel relied on self-referencing, or recursion, perhaps the most dominant concept in computers and, thus, any AGIs.

As a (universal approximation) function generator, any AGI is a consistent formal system implementing axiomatic theories. It is also able to carry out basic arithmetic. Therefore, it is governed by Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems.

For the Maker, this means that the AGI will enumerate such potential lawsuits that it, the AGI, will be unable to tell whether they are winnable or not for the Maker (i.e., “provable” based on the Constitution, all statutes, and all existing legal opinions/precedents). As there is no guarantee that the Maker is wiser than all potential Takers using the same AGI, the incentivized Maker’s only option is to change the law.

The optimal strategy for that is to ambiguate our Constitution. In my petition to the Supreme Court, I substantiated the question: “The ‘Sec. 8. Affirmatively Advancing Civil Rights … to prevent and address discrimination and advance equity for all’ clause of the 2/16/2023 Presidential Executive Order results in Russell’s Paradox, and it must be corrected as a logically unacceptable conclusion to a less deceitful ‘equity for some.’ Is the mandate to selectively ‘advance equity’ (for only some) Constitutional?”

For truly safe AGIs, be that the anarchy of identical “poor” drones or a hierarchy of more or less capable “profiteers,” the ultimate American guarantee is the safety of our American rule of law. Please consider helping my substantiated petitions for a writ with an Amicus Curiae filed with the U.S. Supreme Court.

As Mailed

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy.

Federal Funds To Subsidize The Forceful Separation And Agenda-Driven Alienation Of Children From Parents?

Through a 10+ years-long struggle, massive invalidations, forced indigency, social isolation, and implied house arrest, I was finally able to substantiate my second petition in the U.S. Supreme Court, No. 23-5932.

I also experienced on my skin how the tyrannical Marxist State stole people’s children (and then used the brainwashed youth to shoot their military guns into the public: at the alienated and “hated parents”).

My third petition to the U.S. Supreme Court, with a 1/10/2024 filing deadline, will raise the question:

  • “Does sovereign immunity apply to an ‘LGBTQ+’ state when using federal funds to subsidize the forceful separation and agenda-driven alienation of innocent children from their loving parents?”

While I have nothing left to my now easily erased name, I still share one thing with the 735 American Billionaires: my children are still existentially significant to me, and, hence, our sacred U.S. Constitution staying protected and intact is still my only hope left. Please consider helping my poor man’s (and naive layman’s) forma pauperis & pro se petitions with an Amicus Curiae filed with the U.S. Supreme Court.