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An “LGBTQ+” Massachusetts Ruthlessly Profiteers From Child-Abusive “Pseudo-Science”

I have a formed and mature internal
value system, and I am certainly not
“fluid.” I know (and fully accept and
embrace) that I will never become a 
“pregnant man."

As Emailed

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy.

An “LGBTQ+” Massachusetts Ruthlessly Profiteers From Child-Abusive “Pseudo-Science”

As an almost 62 years old white male legal immigrant (who cannot ever become pregnant) with no criminal or otherwise record, I assert that I belong to all those necessary “protected classes” that form the thus satisfied criteria of all state and federal anti-discrimination statutes (specifically based on race, sex, national origin, and age) relative to an activist “black/female/LGBTQ+” Massachusetts government.

“Health Insurance” To Forcefully Separate Children From Their Loving Parents

Dear Sen. Elizabeth Warren:

In your letter you seem to insinuate that I have contacted you about your political agenda, instead of my actual existential problems, played out publicly in your domain. Indeed, I have written to you at length about the past Romanian anti-abortion laws, and their deeply child-abusive consequences. I escaped that country; and based on my experiences, I would never want to see that again. However, I also personally experienced the exact opposite: my dear younger children were born despite our liberal abortion laws.

The child-beating, cruel parents of the mother of my younger children forcefully bullied and threatened my confused and desperate ex-fiancee to abort both of our children. She was afraid of her father, as he had used to beat her older brothers, and she endlessly cried about her mother not wanting to even look at our newborn baby. Her first excitement for becoming pregnant with our daughter also suddenly turned into a raging fear, “my family will kill me.” No wonder her story later had to turn into a sinister, “I was raped,” endless allegation, and a prime excuse for her greedy attorney to attempt to extract $163,000.

Knowing full well that I have absolutely no assets nor wealth of any kind, as 13+ affidavits of indigency have been accepted by the various Mass. courts and the federal district court, the court is still continually refusing to reconsider its orders about health insurance. While Mass. requires mandatory insurance, and provides no-cost insurance for the needy, it still would not insure my children as long as they had other insurance. Applying for health insurance without my children would however finally close the Family Court’s cruel trap on this loving father: it would be a much needed proof of me abandoning my children.

Growing up in communism, with the often talked about “free” healthcare, I came to the US when I was 24 with 7 of my teeth already extracted. It was not my fault, as anyone could recognize “communists” by their teeth, exactly because of the “free” care. Over the years I diligently spent almost $100,000 on restoring my dental health. I have many implants and, as attached in my email, they are getting infected from the forced neglect. As a 59 yo father, I have not been able to see a doctor, of any kind, since 2017.

On the verge of losing even my health, I still resist your “feminism” and will not abandon my children.