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Stealing Children Is A War Crime, Yet Massachusetts Steals Them Only To Then Abandon Them

I would like to cautiously propose
legislating "toxic masculinity,"
the label or accusation, as a hate
crime. While using it may make some
feel better, it doesn’t help our
children, especially our boys.

As Emailed

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy.

Stealing Children Is A War Crime, Yet Massachusetts Steals Them Only To Then Abandon Them

My fully preserved legal controversy points to a more sinister “activist” subversion of our rule of law. I claimed on 3/13/2023 that “the ‘nuclear threat’ to the U.S. Constitution comes from [the State, as it] is loudly ‘double-protecting’ a numerically negligible minority as a legal strategy in the lucrative context of legislated ‘maximized federal reimbursements’ from a silenced and also enslaved majority, through the deliberate violations of all federal protections.” The Family Court has become the State’s political branch to spearhead that, following the communist (and fascist) practices of cruelly targeting children.

Attorney: “I am completely horrified by these people”

… The four attorneys from Burns & Levinson estimated that going to trial against Dr. Deutsch, the “superstar” GAL, would cost Father ~$1,000,000 in legal fees.

The activist GAL mandated 6 therapists to the case from her “feeder network” of psychologists who “took no insurance.” They cost Father another $2,000/ week combined only to stay in compliance with the Family Court’s orders.

When Father changed course and compiled his Full Affidavit Questioning Dr. Deutsch’s [GAL] Report, his lone attorney soon emailed, “I am completely horrified by these people.” Predictably, the attorney could not take the pressure allowed in the Family Court, and just before the last trial day, she quit the case.

The attorneys had been colluding by filing frivolous complaints for contempt against Father to attempt to silence the protective parent from complaining to the children’s caretakers about the systemic child abuse allowed to continue in the name of the Family Court’s activist agenda. Ultimately the Family Court ordered in the 2/13/2014 judgment, “1. [Father] is NOT GUILTY of Contempt as filed in [Mother-C]’s Complaint for Contempt on March 22, 2013.”

The attorney informed that Father “feels counsel is not acting on his behalf but as a ‘trojan horse.’” On 11/25/2013, Father relinquished his attorney/client and therapist/patient privileges (see attached). The Family Court promptly issued the “gatekeeper orders” on 12/5/2013 to avoid any future appellate reviews.

Father’s children were first fully isolated from him to forcefully silence Father from complaining. Then they were sent out of state to be illegally medicated and actively brainwashed against Father. They were tortured with unnecessary “cancer surgery” for court purposes (and paid with fraudulent insurance) and then “interrogated” in school (so that they “cried”). And finally, to forcefully renounce their dad against their wishes, perjury was suborned on the children.

The meticulously documented systemic child abuse and agenda-driven parental alienation were effectively concealed when the Family Court ignored Father’s response motion, affidavit, and extensive exhibits on 2/3/2014 while stripping Father of his protective legal custody of his children. Predictably, this occurred just after the 12/5/2013 “gatekeeper orders” were issued by the Family Court.

  • an abbreviated and redacted filed copy.