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Dear Pres. Biden - Can Men Get Pregnant?

Summary: a total of 508 sent pleading open letters over the last 5 years.

As Mailed To The White House

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy with email proof at the end.


DateRespectfully ToPDFLetters
10/13/2022Dear Pres. Biden: Can Men Get Pregnant?PDF1
9/13/2022Sen. Warren
9/13/2022Fidelity CEOPDF1
8/4/2022Sen. Warren
6/8/2022Sen. Warren
6/2/2022US CongressPDF102
3/28/2022US Attorney, Dist. of Mass.3
1/17/2022Chief Justices6
1/2/2022Sen. Warren


DateRespectfully ToLetters
12/29/2021Response to Your Message - The White House
9/13/2021US Attorney General, OCGS3
8/30/2021Gov. Baker, Chief Justices3
8/1/2021Family Court, CJC, AGO3
5/10/2021Sen. Warren
4/23/2021DOJ and US Secretaries3
4/23/2021Family Court, CJC, BBO3
4/9/2021Family Court, AGO, DOJ3
2/28/2021Pres. Biden and US Senate102
2/28/2021Gov. Baker, Chief Justice, AGO3
2/28/2021Chief Justice, Family Court3


DateRespectfully ToLetters
11/9/2020Sen. Warren
10/1/2020How we came to America2
9/13/2020Sen. Warren and US Senate100
9/7/2020“Biden Press”3
9/1/2020Gov. Baker
8/13/2020DOJ and US Secretaries3
8/3/2020Sen. Warren
8/2/2020Police Chiefs3
8/1/2020Chief Justices6
7/13/2020Sen. Warren
7/13/2020AGO, CJC, BBO3
6/21/2020Sens. Warren and Kamala Harris3
6/1/2020Sen. Warren
4/29/2019Also to Sen. Warren1


DateRespectfully ToLetters
11/15/2019Also to Sen. Warren2
11/5/2019Also to Sen. Warren2
11/3/2019Sen. Warren and Gov. Baker2
11/3/2019DOJ and US Judiciary3
10/20/2019AGO, BAR Associations, Tech Investors6
10/20/2019Chief Justices3
8/19/2019Chief Justices4
8/6/2019First Justice1
8/4/2019Sens. Warren and Kamala Harris2
8/2/2019CEOs and US Judiciary5
7/31/2019First Justice2
7/8/2019Sens. Warren
7/7/2019Sens. Warren and Kamala Harris2
7/5/2019First Justice1
6/16/2019DOJ, AGO, BAR Associations15
6/5/2019Businesses and Police Chiefs3
6/2/2019First and Chief Justices3
4/24/2019Sen. Warren
4/23/2019Sen. Warren
4/23/2019Chief Justices3
4/23/2019Public Officials6
2/19/2019Chief Justices6


DateRespectfully ToLetters
10/20/2018Also to Sen. Warren1
9/30/2018Sen. Warren
9/13/2018First Justices2
9/13/2018Gov. Baker1
8/13/2018Chief Justice1
8/5/2018Sen. Warren


DateRespectfully ToLetters
7/17/2017Law Enforcement5
6/30/2017Family Court1