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First Civil RICO Class Action Complaint

Ideally government entities should be
incapable of forming criminal intent.
The many federal taxpayers are defrauded
with child-predatory schemes to benefit
solely the few state taxpayers.

As Filed

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy.

Factual Elements of the RICO Scheme

Objectives. The Commonwealth openly seeks to maximize federal reimbursements (despite potential harm to its taxpayers): “federal receipts associated with the child support computer network shall be drawn down at the highest possible rate of reimbursement … as reported in the state accounting system for federal incentives and the network … $38,887,046.”

Between 2012 and 2022 a total of $33M + $35M + $35M + $37M + $34M + $29M + $28M + $30M + $34M + $38M + $38M = $371M federal reimbursement amounts were reported.

Competing against all other states, this can be accomplished only by: (1) targeting families with more resources, (2) maximizing each support amount by forcefully and fully separating children from their nonresident parents, (3) allowing fabrications of “high-conflicts” into the cases only to incentivize the “feeder network” of colluding professionals, (4) hiding the thus induced legal struggle by “cooking” the docket records, and (5) concealing any wrongdoing with protecting schemes from discovery, or appeals, and federal penalty inducing corrections.