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Second Civil RICO Class Action Complaint

This case is a tragic, stubbornly child-
predatory, and deeply child-abusive
illustration of the universal reality
and truth that "social engineering does
in fact have insidious consequences."

As Filed (1:23-cv-12692)

Factual Elements of the RICO Scheme

CRS asserts and documents in the Child Support Enforcement Program Incentive Payments - Background and Policy Issues (5/2/2013): “Individual states have to compete with each other for their share of the capped funds … payment system requires that the incentive payment be reinvested by the state into the program … penalties may also be assessed when the calculated level of performance fails to achieve a specified level or when states are not in compliance.”

This Enterprise has (1) a shared purpose of investigating, determining, and enforcing child support payments (and then collecting the federal reimbursements); (2) a charter, continuity, and longevity of its structure; and (3) all the members depending on and working in concert/coordination with each other to pursue the shared interest (incentivized by professional fees).

The State publicly seeks to maximize federal reimbursements (despite potential harm and injury to taxpayers): “Federal receipts associated with the child support computer network shall be drawn down at the highest possible rate of reimbursement … as reported in the state accounting system for federal incentives and the network … $38,887,046.”

Affidavit On Deliberately Induced Existential Employment, Health, And Housing Crisis

Father asserted to the U.S. Supreme Court, No. 23-5932, that “SJC-13427 simultaneously violates Father’s ultimate equity and constitutional civil rights when deliberately reframing, with blatantly flawed deductive logic, Father’s unambiguously communicated personal experiences. Father claims that SJC-13427 acted [on 8/8/2023] to continue to conceal and obstruct the now substantiated conspiracy to silence and enslave the whistleblower Father.”

Father asserted that “[he] claims that SJC-13427 deliberately obstructed (therefore conspiring with) a … Rule 60 Fraud On The Court when finding that: ‘In this case, Kifor failed to carry his burden of demonstrating that adequate alternative remedies were not available to him.’”

He documented that “Moreover, while massively invalidating Father’s personal experiences and conspiring to violate his constitutional civil rights, SJC-13427 also threatened Father to stay silent about his meticulously collected and compiled filed record: ‘This is the fifth time that Kifor has sought some form of extraordinary relief arising from protracted litigation between him and the mothers of his children. He has been warned repeatedly that ‘further baseless attempts to obtain extraordinary relief could result in sanctions.’”