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Forced Silencing vs. Free Speech

"It's on purpose! The laws are unclear
for a reason. Because everybody is a
criminal. So anybody can be arrested
at any moment ... They've always
violated something because the laws
are badly written, and they seem to be
written that way on purpose."

Yale University - Anne Applebaum: The Gulag: What We Know Now and Why It Matters (at 1:19:11 to 1:21:10).

Secretive “Gatekeeper Orders” With A Political Agenda

And contrary to the allowed trivialization by the Family Court, see the trial transcripts, the Secret Police in communist tyrannies did not formally arrest their targets. The Secret Police came at night and operated just like the Family Court does by setting traps, resorting to informal house arrests, and using endless cruel psychological torture. And by leveraging the loved ones.

This shared agenda is captured precisely by the [trial] transcript:

  • “But don’t you agree that he needs to accept his [PURPOSE FABRICATED] role in what happened to the children to understand how to change his behavior?"

  • [Activist “Feminist” Harvard] GAL: Yes, I do."

Father was the ideal candidate for activist “reprogramming.” He was from Romania, and as per Hillary Clinton: “‘The Government Has No Business’ In Abortion Decisions. We are not Romania,” and “I’ve been to countries where governments forced women to bear children like they used to do in Romania.”