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Systemic Judicial Neglect By The State

Could a sadistic zoo keeper use
massive federal assistance to endlessly
torture their bleeding caged animals
until their openly public collapse?

SJC Rule 2:21 (Appeal) Memorandum

All of Father’s relevant evidence has been fully communicated and readily accessible as Father had e-filed his entire collection with the Appeals Court.

Therefore, the Family Court’s “gatekeeper orders,” while unappealable serve as secretive instruments to conceal the already substantiated fraud on the court.

In this context of deliberately falsified docket records, it is manifestly impossible to start a case labeled “dangerous” in the activist Family Court or to adequately appeal any final decision predetermined to be an adverse judgment by it being directly caused by Title VI discriminations or subsequent retaliations.

Specifically, this routine of “gatekeeper orders” is, therefore, a deliberate conspiracy to silence and enslave. And the targets of the profiteering State are the men who cannot get pregnant (but depend on those who can for their innate human happiness, i.e., their children), which is plain discrimination based on sex.

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy

Substantiating Affidavit

As the judgment, referring to a nonexistent G.L. c. 211, § 3, (“superintendence of inferior courts; power to issue writs and process”) petition, has nothing to do with Father’s G.L. c. 249, § 4, (“action in the nature of certiorari”) respectful and desperate request to review the above actual yet also secretive “gatekeeper orders,” Father is now appealing the judgment to the full SJC, see SJC-13427.

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy.

“Gatekeeper Orders”: Specific Discrimination

During the 3/23/2023 hearing, the Family Court insisted that Father’s objective with the lawsuits had been to “reduce child support amounts,” demanding that Father agree to that falsity under oath. Father respectfully rejected the narrative and restated that he wanted “to triple” his support for his children. Father is a trained, skilled, and hard-working professional, and without the systemic fraud unleashed upon him, Father would have no issues supporting his dear children.

The bullying episode by the Family Court was identical to Father’s experience in Romania with the Securitate (the Secret Police). The Securitate’s practice was to fabricate a “crime” and then threaten its targets until they agreed to become informants. No defenses, arguments, or discussions were ever allowed, eerily similar to the Family Court’s latest secretive “gatekeeper orders.”

Father never gave in to the Securitate, despite being beaten and later isolated. Therefore, Father will not sabotage his children by folding under pressure.

A significant amount of federal assistance has been diverted by the state to continue to finance this specific sadistic activist “experiment,” a targeted discrimination based on national origin in Father’s specific case, armed with systemically fabricated “mental health” fraud only to see how to “reprogram” men who cannot ever get pregnant but still want a connection with their dear deliberately stolen children.

In the case of the class, the generic discrimination would take other forms, but the core discrimination against the men who know with certainty that they cannot get pregnant yet want children would be shared.

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy.