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Complaint for Violations of Title VII Civil Rights

"This case is a tragic child-predatory
illustration of the universal truth
that 'social engineering' does in fact
have insidious consequences."

As Filed

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy.


Understanding how communist tyrannies work, where authorities enforce rules differently based on the subjects’ identity group memberships, Father meticulously collected the records of the long court proceedings in the Middlesex Probate And Family Court, (“Family Court”).

Father has been systemically defrauded, defamed and stereotypically discriminated against in the Family Court using high-conflict “mental health” and other false child-abuse fabrications and frequent demonizing stereotypical proclamations like: “Father is [a barbaric] Romanian.”

While Father has had a de facto full-time software engineer position in his own company (that had been reliably and properly paying payroll and all the ordered insurances for years), the Family Court deliberately and specifically denied Father the option to continue with his 30+ year “tradition” in the punitive and obsessive 12/13/2021 and 1/12/2022 “seek work” orders.

The Family Court then claimed in court that Father was “not an employee,” yet it continues to absolutely control all aspects of Father’s employment, with a punitive and retaliatory agenda.

Joint Employment And Peonage

As substantiated in Father’s attached Civil RICO class action complaint, the racketeering Family Court has become Father’s “employer” as a relationship exists between Father and the Family Court, where Father is “performing a service” (of him simply being a fabricated “non-custodial parent” fully separated from his children for maximized support amounts) and from which the Family Court openly derives a material economic benefit in federal reimbursements.

In a narrow context of the above joint employment service relationship with the Family Court, Father’s only qualifying attribute is that he is a “man who cannot ever get pregnant” (see his attached open letter/affidavit “Dear Pres. Biden: Can Men Get Pregnant?”) and thus he can be brutally coerced into silence and slavery by simply stealing his dear children from Father.

An emotionally tortured and thus institutionally blackmailed Father has desperately and also unsuccessfully attempted 1,360 times to call his frightened children, freely on the internet.