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The Start Of The American Gulag

Since 2/12/2018, Father has been
asserting that he had exhausted all
his financial resources. He has been
surviving in complete isolation in a
shelter on a week-by-week basis ...

Affidavit On Induced Employment, Health, And Housing Crisis

Father has been consistently alleging a retaliatory conspiracy to silence and enslave by the Respondents.

This conspiracy is manifested in purposely induced and intractable “forced indigency” attacks on Father that have now devolved into deliberately protracted existential employment, health, and housing crises.

The root controversy can be summarized with the 4 already extensively addressed statements outlined in Father’s upcoming (and TBD) open letter to Pres. Biden titled: “A Marxist ‘Equity-Based’ Justice Directly And Fundamentally Subverts Our U.S. Constitution - A Meticulous Legal Proof”.

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy

As Ordered

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy

SJC Rule 2:21 (Appeal) Memorandum

Specifically, all communist tyrannies, directly rooted in the more sophisticated and much larger scale Russian “white slavery” sick principles (as opposed to those of the American naive & direct “black slavery”), have successfully solved the problem of those millions of “dangerous” citizens who would not comply with the “comrade” forced “preferred pronouns” by ordering them to the Gulags, the major unfree labor-camps instrument of political repression in the vast “Soviet land.”

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy

Conspiracy To Silence And Enslave

Father has vigorously continued to comply with all “seek work” orders. In 2019, Father sent 800+ requests to solicit work. With an assigned probation officer, Father has now reached 570+ submitted job applications. Father’s pending “legal issues” and the uncertainty regarding his skyrocketing $310,000+ in-arrears child supports and obligations are the now well-established obstacles in his ability to earn.

Since 2018, Father has been attempting to modify his parallel cases in the Middlesex Probate And Family Court. All of Father’s efforts have been deliberately sabotaged, resulting in Father’s current condition that renders even serving summonses impossible.

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy