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State Courts Reject Federal Rights

Citing the state’s alleged sovereign
immunity, the Commonwealth Defendant-
Appellees filed a Motion for Summary
Disposition in this Court on 2/10/2023.

As Filed

  • an abbreviated and redacted copy.

State Courts Reject Federal Rights

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s 8/8/2023 decision to once again fully ignore all of Father’s timely and properly filed substantiating evidence, even regarding an explicit conspiracy and racketeering for the concealment of a Rule 60 fraud on the court by the Family Court, is a new direct violation of Father’s constitutional rights for free speech (i.e., “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”), due process (i.e., no “gatekeeper orders” or the repeated preclusions of appeals), and equal protection (i.e., no “equity-based” discrimination due to race, sex, national origin, and age). Father also argues that the timing of the 8/8/2023 decision, e.g., right after this Court’s 8/4/2023 abandonment of its months-long protection of Father’s constitutional civil rights by yielding to the “sovereign” state, is a materially significant factor.

The Conspiracy To Silence And Enslave Continues

The Family Court’s renewed “under the color of law” decision to baselessly insinuate once again questions of “authenticity,” “desire,” etc., regarding Father’s character, work ethic, and commitment to his children (without giving him a chance to defend himself from the continued and massive invalidations) is a second new direct violation of Father’s constitutional rights for free speech (e.g., “free disclosure to prospective employers”), due process (e.g., no secretive, agenda-driven complaints for contempts from Probation), and equal protection (e.g., no forcing the pro se Mother to file frivolous and fraudulent complaints for contempts against Father).